TeamVolusia 2030

TeamVolusia 2030

TeamVolusia 2030 is Team Volusia EDC’s New Five-Year Strategic Plan

TeamVolusia 2030 will guide the organization’s economic development efforts over the next five years to ensure it continues to develop in the right way and diversifies its business base to support that development, resulting in increased job opportunities for existing and new residents. With a focus on seven key target business sectors, including aerospace/aviation and corporate/regional headquarters, which are poised to be the biggest opportunities over the next five years, Team Volusia is ready to move the county forward to 2030.

The Seven Key Target Business sectors are not the only sectors in which Volusia County will have success but are the top opportunities to focus efforts at this time. The Seven Sectors include:

  1. Advanced Manufacturing
  2. Aerospace / Aviation
  3. Corporate / Regional HQ
  4. Finance / Insurance
  5. Information Technology
  6. Life Sciences
  7. Logistics

Strategic Goals and Recommendations also included the following areas of focus:

  1. Continue and Expand Lead Generation Efforts
  2. Collaborate to Address Economic Development Challenges Countywide
  3. Continue to Evolve Communications/Marketing Activities
  4. Work with Partners to Support a Vibrant Startup Ecosystem in the County
  5. Ensure Future Sustainability of Team Volusia EDC

The development of TeamVolusia 2030 was led by Team Volusia Staff. The process involved many hours of stakeholder engagement with members of the Team Volusia Executive Committee and Board members, as well as other stakeholders from the public and private sectors. Special thanks to Boyette Strategic Advisors for their meticulous work in providing Team Volusia EDC with the framework for the best strategies to advance economic prosperity in Volusia County.